Charlotte Steel, Henry Schein Canada“Not only was working with Cirrus a huge win for the doctor, but a great win for me as a rep professionally, building trust with the doctor while growing my business” – Charlotte Steel, FSC 

“I have been a Field Sales Consultant with Henry Schein for 6.5 years and absolutely love what I do. It is one of the few careers that gives me the flexibility to literally do something different every day. Whether dealing in sundries, dental supply equipment or one of the many value-added services our partners offer, there is always something interesting to talk to my dental clients about in the field.

Providing Added-Value 

The unique services offered by Henry Schein partner Cirrus Consulting Group provide my clients with critical knowledge about their dental office lease they would not have otherwise been aware of. Landlords use the lease as a tool to make money from dentists by enforcing traps in hidden clauses. Professional dental office lease negotiation and review services save doctors a significant amount of time and money, helping them by not only reducing risks, but also helping me by improving trust and strengthening my relationships through the referral.

Driving Business 

My client, Dr. Stanley Mann, has been a Henry Schein customer for over 2 years, and has always been very loyal. He got to a stage in his career where he’d reached a plateau and was struggling to grow his business any more in his current dental office. After looking for a new location for months with no success, he heard that 2 units in his current building were available for lease. I recommended he contact Cirrus to help review his new lease and negotiate the details to ensure a safe dental practice relocation, and that his investment and best interest would be protected in the long run.

Cirrus was able to negotiate a “rent control” clause into the lease, preventing the landlord from raising rents, in addition to adding exclusivity to practice dentistry in the plaza, and protection in the event of death or disability, among other significant wins. 

A Win-Win Relationship

Dr. Mann signed the lease, building out his new office as a happy customer with new found peace-of-mind. Not only was this a huge win for the doctor, but a great win for me as a rep professionally, building trust between myself and the doctor while growing my business.”

Charlotte Steel, FSC
Henry Schein

Toronto, ON

Henry Schein Canada

“Cirrus took over the entire lease negotiation process and it really took the headaches and stress out of it. There was constant communication between myself and the negotiator and I felt that my needs and priorities in the lease were met.

They took care of the terms of the lease from a legal and professional perspective and presented me in the end with an agreement that will protect my future. I would highly recommend their services in this essential component of any leased space.”

-Dr. Stanley Mann

Toronto, ON