Mike Hirsch, FSC“Cirrus is truly one of the best resources that Henry Schein has available to them, and the professionalism they exhibit is excellent.”

– Mike Hirsch, FSC

Chicago, IL

I have been in the dental industry for almost 5 years and have been working as a Field Sales Consultant (FSC) for Henry Schein for 2.5 years. Prior to working in dental I was a teacher and coach.

What initially attracted me to work for Schein was their complete business solutions offering. I saw this as an opportunity to not only sell, but to continue my passion for education. Working for Henry Schein I am able to practice everything from sales to OSHA training to analytical business reporting.

Helping My Dental Clients

Another facet of my job is to ensure that I find the right vendors for my dental clients when their needs fall beyond the scope of our internal dental solutions. As an exclusive partner of Henry Schein, Cirrus Consulting Group has been an integral vendor that I’ve referred to many clients for dental office lease negotiation and review services.

Dental Office Lease Negotiations

Most recently, I referred my client Dr. Bruce Carlson to Cirrus, a dentist whose office lease was just a few months away from its expiry date. After experiencing some frustration throughout the ongoing lease negotiation, I recommended that he give Cirrus a try. He sent a copy of his dental office lease to Cirrus and was immediately impressed with the feedback from them.

Dr. Carlson retained Cirrus for the full negotiation. They were able to mitigate many hurdles within the lease, however, the decision was made to leave the current hospital location and start a new dental practice elsewhere.

Cirrus negotiated the lease for the new location, a challenging situation that required months of back and forth with the landlord. Dr. Carlson is now ready to move into his new dental office armed with a favorable lease that provides him protection and supports his long term practice goals. Dr. Carlson went from a 3 operatory to an 8 operatory practice, allowing for an increase in production, and confidence and peace of mind throughout the relocation.

“I wish I would’ve found Cirrus 17 years ago when I signed my first lease; they’re excellent.

– Dr. Bruce Carlson

Chicago, IL

Practice Protection and Peace of Mind

I am impressed with the tremendous level of communication between Cirrus, the doctor, and myself.  They are truly one of the best resources that Henry Schein has available to them, and the professionalism they exhibit is excellent.

Mike Hirsch

Henry Schein Dental

Chicago, IL

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