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The MOHLTC has announced a new program dedicated to ensuring New Graduate Physicians in Family Medicine have an opportunity to join Family Health Organizations (FHO) or Family Health Networks (FHN) in areas that are not designated as high-needs.


  • Family physicians are eligible for this program during their first three years of practice following their OHIP registration date.

High Level Program Overview:

  • New Graduates who enroll in the NGEP commit to practicing in a FHO/FHN for a minimum of three years.
  • New Graduates may join existing FHO/FHNs (even if there is no vacancy) or create their own groups in low physician needs areas.
  • Performance-based targets must be met via an annual Practice Improvement Plan focusing on Patient Access, Preventive Care and Patient Experience metrics.
  • Patient enrollment targets must be met:

— Year 1: 825 patients
Year 2: 1000 patients
Year 3: 1200 patients

  • Participants must engage in a mentorship program under the direction of an established FHO/FHN colleague.
  • FHO/FHN groups will have their Access Bonus impacted negatively should the New Graduate Physician’s enrolled patients seek care outside of the group.
  • New Graduates joining an existing FHO/FHN will count as an additional group member with respect to FHO/FHNs Ontario Practice Administration (OPA) funding levels and After-Hours group shift requirements.

Physician Remuneration:

  • Annual compensation for a Full-Time Equivalent physician meeting their enrollment and performance targets is:

— Year 1: Up to $162,000
— Year 2: Up to $178,000
— Year 3: Up to $207,000

  • Monthly payments will be pro-rated based on the percentage of the monthly enrolment targets achieved. Enrolling more patients than the monthly target will not lead to a payment beyond the maximum monthly rate.
  • New Graduates will receive a Blended Fee-for-Service Premium (5% of fee value for shadow billed claims) for both enrolled and non-enrolled patients.
  • In Year 1, New Graduates may not participate in any other MOHLTC-funded programs, including FFS. Their compensation is solely through the NGEP program.
  • A Fee-for-Service Cap will apply towards services provided outside of the FHO/FHN group:

— In Year 1: $0
— In Year 2: $28,000
— In Year 3: $28,000

Further information on the MOHLTC changes is available via the Bulletin by clicking here.

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