Effective May 2016, the MOHLTC has made amendments to the parameters of the NGEP for new graduates wishing to join or form a Family Health Organization (FHO).

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Summary of Changes

  • Participants are now allowed to submit up to $35,000 in Fee for Service (FFS) billings in years 1,
    2 and 3 for services provided outside of the FHO.
  • 50% of the FFS allowance will be dedicated to designated services (anesthesia, geriatrics, palliative, obstetrics and in-hospital services). The remaining 50% will be for other non-designated billings outside of the FHO.
  • A Practice Improvement Plan will only need to be submitted at the end of year 3, not every year.

The Annual Compensation has been Amended to:

  • Year 1: Up to $162,000 (~$13,500/month)
  • Year 2: Up to $178,000 (~$14,833/month)
  • Year 3: Up to $207,000 (~$17,250/month)

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