Stacy Christ, FSC, Minneapolis, MN“Cirrus has from the beginning of my career with Henry Schein, played an integral role with helping me earn the trust of dentists, and aid in establishing a loyal and ongoing business partnership.”

– Stacy Christ, FSC

Minneapolis, MN

Creating Positive Impact

I was presented with the opportunity to join Henry Schein in 2014. I’m now approaching 2.5 years with this amazing family and I haven’t looked back. I am proud to work for Henry Schein Dental as our culture and mission statement is that “we believe in impacting the lives of those we touch by focusing on practice care, so you (the dentist) can focus on patient care.” Henry Schein has provided me with the training, tools and resources to help my customers navigate and succeed in an ever changing industry. I’m able to identify areas of concern or frustration and truly be a complete solutions provider to help my customers with varying topics of concern that matter the most to them.

Providing Value Above and Beyond Expectations

There are many business solutions partners that I work with on behalf of Henry Schein Dental as they all have their specialties; but Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation and commercial real estate experts, has from the beginning of my career with Henry Schein played an integral role in helping me earn the trust of dentists, and aid in establishing a loyal and ongoing partnership. My partnership with Cirrus provides value above and beyond what dentists expect. This is key because providing a business solutions resource such as Cirrus quickly lays out the foundation for a true business partnership between myself and the doctors I work with.

Dreams Do Come True

I met Dr. Jill Ash in October of 2014 but she was unaware of the additional business solutions resources that Henry Schein Dental had to offer at the time. Fast forward to 2016 when discussions ensued about a potential new space that Dr. Ash dreamed of moving into. The problem was that she still had two years left on her existing lease and didn’t know what to do. I introduced her to Cirrus Consulting Group to learn more about their services and explore if they could help make her dream of relocating to this new space a reality.

Cirrus succeeded in negotiating the new dental office lease; Dr. Ash is now finalizing her vision for her new office build and will be occupying her new space in October 2016. She couldn’t be more excited that her dream is becoming a reality; and neither could we!  Throughout the entire process, Cirrus has been professional in taking a focused and results-driven approach that has benefitted Dr. Ash every step of the way. It is because of Cirrus that Dr. Ash is going to be able to move into her beautiful new dental office so quickly this year!

Stacy Christ, FSC

Minneapolis, MN

Henry Schein Dental

“I was introduced to Cirrus through my Henry Schein consultant Stacy Christ. I was initially concerned that Cirrus was not located in the United States; however I was assured I would be well taken care of and Cirrus did not disappoint! From the initial consult, I knew I had made the right decision. I worked with Sabrina Ladak at Cirrus, who I think is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough people I have ever worked with. After each round of negotiations I was happy with the result and thought surely we were done. However, Sabrina would find several more changes that needed to be made to benefit me. I cannot imagine negotiating a long term lease on my own. As dentists, we are not trained in this area, and besides; our time is too valuable to be negotiating something that we have little knowledge about. Looking back, I realize what a great investment in my practice it was to use Cirrus and their office lease negotiation services. Cirrus has and will save me a great deal of money over time. I would highly recommend Cirrus; after all they are the experts! Thank you Stacy for encouraging me to explore this resource through Henry Schein and thank you Cirrus!”

– Jill Ash, DDS

Woodbury Minnesota