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True Business Partners

I have been a Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant for 12 years. We are not mere sales representatives, but rather, we are business partners. Over the years, Henry Schein has taught us the business of dentistry through career development and has positioned us well with Business Solutions Partners that we network with such as Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation experts. What is most rewarding about this career is guiding and leading our customers to help make their dental businesses a success.

Offering Added Value Beyond Merchandise

I would love to share the success story of Dr. Rachel Park and Mr. Douglas Lee. Had it not been for Cirrus, we would have never gotten this doctor’s attention away from Patterson. Cirrus changed it all and was the catalyst that tipped the scale in our favor. Yesterday, we got a signed equipment order for $175,000, and many more orders to come.

We referred Mr. Douglas Lee and Dr. Rachel Park to Cirrus at the very beginning of our talks a couple of months ago. After 8 months of working with Patterson on their new office project, they thought they should give Henry Schein a last minute chance to just see if “the grass was greener on the other side.” JP, our ESS, and I, met with them and just listened to them at our first Discovery Meeting. We could see right out of the starting gate that what they needed help with had nothing to do with equipment or merchandise. We told them then that talking about equipment and merchandise costs would be like putting the cart before the horse, so we took that off the table and told them that there would be a day down the road for equipment and merchandise conversations. What was critical at that moment was getting some help with negotiating their 10 year lease that they were about to commit to and couldn’t seem to get worked out to their liking.

Hitting a Home Run with Cirrus

Then it was clear, Cirrus was the answer they needed at that moment for their new office project. After their complimentary consultation, they hired Cirrus, and ended up saving thousands of dollars over the course of their 10 year lease, not to mention all of the savings that can’t be quantified in dollars and cents like circumventing trouble down the road over clauses in their lease that Cirrus had rewritten to protect them.

They were so impressed by the way we approached our business that they walked away from Patterson and entered into a fully committed business relationship with Henry Schein. Our business solution offerings made all the difference.  Cirrus hit a homerun for us with all the bases loaded in the 9th inning and brought home a win for our customer, Cirrus and Henry Schein!

Donna Nelson, FSC

Alburquerque, NM

Henry Schein Dental Business Solutions

“After so many months of frustration prior to Cirrus becoming involved with my lease negotiation, it was a wonderful feeling to be so quickly at ease and confident that I had the best people representing me.”

– Mr. Douglas Lee, Albuquerque, NM