Kate Shanahan, FSC - Raleigh, NC

“Cirrus has earned my trust and have helped me position myself as a trusted business partner to my customers.”

– Kate Shanahan, FSC

Raleigh, NC

I Succeed When My Customers Do

I have worked with Henry Schein Dental for 8 years now and I love my job, but what I love most about my career is the people. The relationships that I have built over the last several years have brought a great deal of happiness to my life. When you work with people you love and your job revolves around making your customers successful, it is very rewarding. I succeed when they succeed.

Shifting the Focus to Dental Business Solutions

During our Business Solutions week, a Healthcare Leasing Consultant at Cirrus met with husband and wife Dr. Vidyarthi & Vivekananthan to discuss dental office leasing and real estate matters, as well as the broader aspects of their business. I have been working with them for about two years, and my relationship is much stronger with the wife. So much so, that when the husband joined us for the meeting he said, “When I saw Kate on the schedule, I thought she was here to discuss supplies.” Ouch! That moment really made me realize how much we have to pro-actively continue to shift the focus, and raise awareness about all the business solutions services we offer to provide added value to our dental customers.

Maximizing Practice Value

After taking advantage of a complimentary dental office lease review offer, it was understood that in order to successfully sell their practice at maximum value, they would need to address critical matters in their lease agreement. The doctors plan to purchase a building in the next 12-18 months, and assigning their current lease agreement via a practice sale is vital to their long term plan of moving the practice to their own real estate. Cirrus will be representing them in their lease negotiations and advising them on important real estate matters going forward. The doctors clearly illustrated that their expertise is in dentistry and not in office lease negotiations and commercial real estate – it made sense for them to outsource negotiations to the experts at Cirrus. This is a prime example of Henry Schein’s strategic business solutions partners leading doctors in running a successful practice.

Trusted Business Partners

Cirrus does an incredible job in their lease negotiation process, starting with their discovery meetings, communication and follow-ups. They have earned my trust and have helped me position myself as a trusted business partner to my customers.

Kate Shanahan, FSC

Raleigh, NC

Henry Schein Dental Business Solutions