The MOHLTC has recently announced that they have rolled out three new billing codes that will enable physicians to de-roster patients without having to submit the “Primary Care – Request to Remove a Patient” forms.

What are the De-Roster Codes Implemented?Stethoscope

  • Q401A – De-Roster – Member Deceased.
  • Q402A – De-Roster – Ended by Provider.
  • Q403A – De-Roster – Patient Left Province.

How do we bill the new De-Roster Q Codes?

  • Ensure the Service Date inputted when billing matches the effective De-roster Date you wish to remove the patient to.
    • The usual six-month stale dating rule that applies to all claim submissions applies to the De-Roster Q codes.
  • The De-Roster Q codes may be submitted with a service date of up to six months prior to February 1st, 2017 (therefore August 1st, 2016).
  • Physicians who have submitted de-roster forms with an end date after August 1st, 2016 and within the 6-month stale-dating period may submit the De-Roster Q codes or wait for their forms to be processed.
    • Ensure the service date when billing the Q code matches the de-roster date noted on the paper copy of the de-roster form.
    • Per the MOHLTC, should the de-roster date be greater than 6 months from the date the claims are being billed for submission, then you must contact your Claims Services Branch office and request approval to submit a stale dated claims file for these claims. Approval must be received prior to submitting the stale dated claims file.
  • Physicians who have submitted de-roster forms with an end date prior to August 1st, 2016 must wait to have their form processed.

Please note that the MOHLTC will continue processing paper de-roster forms until April 1st, 2017 only.

Further information on the MOHLTC changes is available via the Bulletin here.

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