Jeff Rice, FSC | HS Charlotte, NC

“Cirrus negotiated the dental office lease agreement on behalf of Dr. Young, and saved him over $40,000 on his 10-year lease agreement. I was then able to take that savings into a meeting with Dr. Young, and won all of his merchandise business. He’s on pace to spend over $200K on merchandise alone this year.”

Jeff Rice, FSC | Henry Schein Charlotte, NC

Truly Special and Dynamic

Jeff Rice here! I’ve been an FSC with Henry Schein Dental for 15 years now. Prior to Schein, I spent over a decade in the music/pharma printing and packaging industry, and worked for a large, multi-national firm. I share that background because it still provides me with valuable perspective on this profession, and our company, Henry Schein. From my experience both outside and inside of dentistry, we are all fortunate to be in a truly special and dynamic industry, and to be a TSM with the world’s #1 dental distribution company. I’m only more convinced of this as time goes on.

Our Consultative Approach is Key to Adding Value

We all face very real challenges every day in the field, many of which are simply an extension of the difficulties our dental customers face. As dentistry continues to evolve and change from clinical to the business side, dentists are faced with a unique combination of challenges and opportunities. Our charge at HSD is to help identify and define both of these for and with our customers, and to offer specific, applicable solutions. As our title “FSC” describes, we believe in being consultative with our customers. It’s what has fundamentally set us apart from our competitors, and Cirrus is a perfect example of our consultative approach and partnership. I found that out with Cirrus right out of the gate, and learned just how valuable they really are to both our customers and us.

Cirrus Saving Dr. Young $40K in Lease Negotiations Equates to a $200K Business to Schein

Several months ago, I got a call from a dentist here in Charlotte, Dr. Robert Young. He owns a large and growing multi-location dental practice, but was not buying supplies from us. He was primarily buying from Darby, but had reached out to me for help/advice. Dr. Young explained that he was in negotiations on a fourth location, but wasn’t confident that he was getting the best advice or deal on the space. He wanted to know if Henry Schein offered any kind of help in this area.

Excellent timing, as I had just learned about Cirrus in a monthly BDM. I took a chance and called Cirrus’ number on file. Not only did a Cirrus consultant pick up my call on a Saturday, but he also called the doctor right away to set up a more in-depth discussion/evaluation for the following Monday. Long story short, Cirrus negotiated the dental office lease agreement on behalf of Dr. Young, and saved him over $40,000 on his 10-year lease agreement!

I was then able to take that $40,000 in savings into a meeting with Dr. Young and his buyer/inventory manager, and combined with a PAR and applicable VPA, win all of his merchandise business. Dr. Young is on pace to spend over $200,000 on merchandise alone this year, and we got the equipment and technology order for that fourth location. It will open next month, and Dr. Young could not be happier.  He now understands and has experienced our value offering in comparison to other dental equipment vendors, and Cirrus played a critically important key role in unlocking that opportunity for us at HSD.

Thank you Cirrus team, and I look forward to many more wins for us both. You can always count me in!

– Jeff Rice, FSC | Henry Schein Charlotte, NC

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