Jeramy Graham, FSC“Cirrus has helped me strengthen the relationships with my doctors by shifting the perspective from a sales rep to a trusted business advisor.”

– Jeramy “JB” Graham, FSC | Cincinnati, OH

Helping Dentists with Their Business Needs

I started working in Dental at the ripe age of 22 upon graduating from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Business with a degree in marketing and a concentration in professional selling. My true passion stems from helping dentists with their business needs, and helping them make sound and lasting decisions when it comes to significant challenges they face in their practices.

Finding Ways to Add Value

I met Dr. Andrew Killgore, owner of Afinia Dental, during the first few months in my Cincinnati territory. Our initial meeting was actually to review a big supply bill that had piled up during my transition into the role of his new FSC. After about a year of gaining his trust and conducting practice analysis’ for all three of his locations, I wanted to find more ways to bring him value. I began by asking about his dental office lease and PPO participation. Since Dr. Killgore owns multiple practices, investigating the lease became a high priority of ours.

I introduced him to one of our business solutions partners, Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation experts, who conducted an extensive review and analysis of the doctor’s dental office lease agreement.

As a doctor who runs multiple practices, I am a busy person, and I juggle a lot of balls in the air. One practice was up for renewal, in another practice, I wanted to renew and expand my space, and I had identified a third location that I wanted to move into. I knew I would need help to handle all of this work. I spoke to my Henry Schein representative Jeramy Graham, who suggested I reach out to Cirrus Consulting Group.

I spoke with a Healthcare Leasing Consultant who explained all the ways that Cirrus could help. I decided to hire them to negotiate the leases for all three offices. I was assigned a lawyer and lease negotiator who took the lead on the files, and we completed the deal for the new practice in under two months. My negotiator was able to negotiate fair rental rates, good terms of the deal, and inserted a number of important dental-friendly provisions into the lease, like a death or disability clause, absolving me of lease liability should something happen to me, and an end to continuing liability after I sell my practice, among many more wins. He got the landlord to agree to nearly everything we requested. I know I’m in very good shape here at my new office with my lease, and I’m looking forward to bringing the other two office deals to a successful conclusion. I know I have made the right decision about investing in Cirrus. 

– Dr. Andrew Killgore, DMD | Cincinnati, OH

Shifting the Perspective from Distributor to Trusted Business Advisor

Cirrus has helped strengthen my relationship with Dr. Andrew Killgore by shifting his perspective of me from dental supply distributor to a trusted business advisor. Dr. Killgore just opened his 4th office, and now knows that when it comes to dental distribution partners, Henry Schein is the only one with business solutions available to help him compete, and expand his business. Juggling many responsibilities and scaling a business for growth requires organization and delegation, and Cirrus allowed him to delegate the lease negotiation process that would’ve taken months of time away from practicing dentistry, and growing his business.

Jeramy “JB” Graham, FSC | Cincinnati, OH

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