Denise Kidder, FSCSince working with Cirrus, my doctor has trusted me to move all of his supply business to Henry Schein for his existing office, as well as his new office!”

– Denise Kidder, HS San Francisco, CA

Added-Value Services and a Consultative Approach

I am an 11-year veteran of Henry Schein Dental working as a Field Sales Consultant in San Fran. I have learned over the years that the only way to distinguish myself from other reps and distributors is through added value services and a consultative approach to the business. Thanks to business solutions partners like Cirrus, my customers understand that I can be a valuable resource to help them with practice transitions and growth.

Facilitating the Site Selection Process

One of my customers had been dreaming of opening a second, more upscale dental office for a few years. However, his attempts at securing a new space were frustrating as he lost multiple opportunities in the competitive California market. Once another new space was identified, I urged him to get professional help from Cirrus Consulting Group, the dental office lease negotiation and commercial real estate experts, who are not only well-versed in lease terms, but experienced in helping dentists locate, secure, and build out their practices.

The Benefits of a Properly Structured Lease Agreement

My doctor retained Cirrus to help secure the location and negotiate the details of the proposed lease. Once finalized, the doctor was so grateful for the referral. While facing time constraints due to the demand of the property location, the doctor sought after lease terms that would help him transition out of dentistry over the next 10 years, both smoothly and profitably.

With Cirrus’ help, my doctor was able to save countless dollars, including receiving a $39,000 tenant improvement allowance (TIA) from the landlord to build out the practice. He is able to focus on dentistry with new confidence knowing that experts have secured a lease agreement that will work to protect his long-term interests, and aid in realizing the dream of opening an upscale dental practice. He is finally trusting me to move all his supply business to Henry Schein for his existing office, as well as his new dental office. He now understands that I can be a valuable resource to help him with his practice transitions and growth. Thank you Cirrus for assisting my customer, keeping me in the loop during the negotiation process, and helping me grow my business.

– Denise Kidder, FSC | HS San Francisco, CA

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