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Claudia Fuentes, FSC | HS HoustonImpactful Shift In My Career

I started my dental career 26 years ago. Being bilingual in English and Spanish, I found that it helped me connect to clients on a deeper level. I joined the Henry Schein Team two years ago and it has been a truly impactful shift in my career growth on the business side of Dentistry. Henry Schein Dental has many business resources to help my clients solve the struggles of running a successful dental practice. I am so honored to be able to help improve their business.

Trusted Business & Friendship

I met Dr. Victoria Cisneros of Houston, Texas 12 years ago. Throughout the years, we established a trusted business and friendly relationship. Dr. Cisneros owns three locations, and the lease agreement for one of them was coming up for renewal. She shared with me that the landlord was making adjustments to her lease that were not clear to her, potentially posing significant financial risk for her down the line. As a result, I suggested that she contact Cirrus Consulting Group, the professional dental office lease negotiators, to review her existing lease before renewing it.

A Successful Renegotiation

Dr. Cisneros learned a lot about the dental office lease from the initial lease review with Cirrus. She was really impressed with their knowledge of the risks uncovered within her lease. Cirrus then successfully proposed a new lease negotiation completely rewritten to her advantage. She continues to grow and is confident to hire Cirrus for a second time for a new location. I am happy that our Business Solutions Partners provide so much value to our customers!

– Claudia Fuentes, FSC | HS Houston

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