Optimizing Practice Revenue Through Physician Education

Presented by Cirrus Consulting Group, the leading provider of Family Health Organization (FHO) and healthcare consulting services, you’re invited to attend a value-packed, complimentary educational seminar or webinar for Family Physicians. The goal of our events is to better-educate physicians on efficiently operating and managing their practices, alleviate stress, optimize income, and promote peace of mind and quality patient care.

Attendees Learn About:

  • Ways to increase practice revenue in the Family Health Organization (FHO) medical billing model.

  • Practice management best-practices.

  • Methods of combatting Ministry of Health & Long Term Care (MOHLTC) changes that can potentially reduce your income.

  • How to decrease Outside Use, with better methods to billing Outside the Basket.

  • Strategies and tactics to optimize the various premiums and medical bonuses available to Ontario Physicians.

  • Buying or selling a medical practice in Ontario.

  • Overcoming FHO governance issues.

You should attend if you are:

  • Starting or opening a family practice.

  • Interested in switching to a different medical billing model.

  • Looking to increase practice income and improve practice management, operational, and financial efficiencies.

  • Planning to retire/transition in the next 2-3 years.

Watch and learn how we help physicians!

Attendees will apply the practical tools and tips learned in our webinars/seminars
to create a better future for their practice, patients, and family.