Does your pay align with the care you deliver?

In the age of ever changing MOHLTC guidelines, it’s important to review and understand the way you run your family  practice to determine if you’re billing effectively for all the hard work you are performing. Our professional Healthcare Consultants at Cirrus will work with you, regardless of your funding model, to help you better-manage your practice, and identify the best billing strategies for income optimization and enhanced patient care.

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Practice Income Optimization Services

Practice Model Transitioning (FHO)

There’s a reason why over 50% of all family doctors have transitioned to the FHO model; flexibility and increased income. Our expert Healthcare Consultants will work with you to smoothly transition your current medical billing model to the Family Health Organization (FHO) model. We’ve successfully transitioned hundreds of doctors from all billing models to the FHO, and we’ve never had a physician regret their decision to switch. Learn more about how you can switch to the FHO.

Our Impact on Family Physicians

FHO (+15%)
Cirrus FHO (+30%)

One-to-One Physician Consulting

When we meet with a family physician, we begin by understanding what your goals are for the next 3-5 years. Some physicians are interested in maximizing practice income in the most efficient way, while others are more interested in learning how to increase flexibility to reduce time in the office so that they can spend more time on other priorities in their lives.

Either way, our Healthcare Consulting team listens to you, and then develops a strategic plan for helping you better achieve your goals in a practical, step-by-step, and long-lasting way. Learn more about our Individual Physician Consulting Services, now.

The Cirrus Practice Assessment

The Cirrus Practice Assessment is an assessment designed for helping our doctors better-understand where their practice income comes from. We assess your practice performance in each of the six major FHO income streams. This forms the framework of our step-by-step plan outlining how we will work with you to optimize your practice and grow your income. Learn more about this great assessment, now.

FHO Outside Use Management

Access Bonus potential in the FHO is a significant revenue pool that if managed properly, can put thousands of dollars into your pocket. Cirrus offers physicians the Outside Use Management Report, one of the single greatest assessments and tools to positively impact your income in the FHO model. Learn more about the benefits of the Outside Use Management Report, now.

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Why Trust Cirrus?

  • We’ve assisted thousands of physicians in optimizing their medical practice income.

  • We save doctors over $10 million every year in relocation costs and rent.

  • Established in 1994, we were founded by doctors for doctors.

  • We’ve transitioned hundreds of doctors from every type of billing/funding model to the FHO model, without any regrets.

  • We offer doctors the expertise of skilled in-house analysts, and specialty healthcare consultants.

Practices Optimized
Leases Reviewed
Leases Negotiated
Million Saved in Rent

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