Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC

My relationship with Dr. Phadnis could not be stronger now and she has thanked me too many times to count! Ask your doctors for a copy of their lease agreement, and have Cirrus make you ‘SCHEIN’.”

– Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC | Henry Schein Wallingford, CT

Continued Learning

I have worked in the dental field for nearly 25 years, 17 of which was for Henry Schein Dental (HSD). I started my career at HSD as a Regional Manager and managed the CT region for 11 years. I transitioned to a Field Sales Consultant (FSC) over 6 years ago. Being a Regional Manager prior to becoming an FSC gave me the opportunity to work closely with some of the top-producing FSCs. I took so much away from them, and really engrossed myself in what made them successful.

Cirrus was Instrumental in Securing a Healthy Lease Agreement

I have been promoting Cirrus Consulting Group for the past couple of years. Cirrus has performed dozens of dental office lease reviews over the phone for my clients, and most recently I brought 6 doctors to one of their local CE seminars about “How to Negotiate the Terms and Rent in the Dental Office Lease”. I successfully referred two dental offices to Cirrus last year, with more to follow.

One particular case is Dr. Ukti Phadnis who opened a dental practice from scratch. She was extremely overwhelmed with the process because the landlord of the chosen location had provided her with a lease agreement she felt was very unfair to her. Of the many pitfalls/risks in the lease, she was being overcharged for the common area maintenance (CAM) fees with no explanation to what she was really being charged for, and, she had no opportunity to get out of/transfer the lease when she eventually wishes to sell the practice. Not to mention all the other traps hidden in the details of the legal terms and provisions of the lease that she was not experienced to read. That’s when I introduced her to Cirrus who was instrumental in first understanding her career goals and needs, and then negotiating and securing the lease space with fair terms favorable to her.

“Cirrus was very thorough in making sure I was aware of all the details of the lease negotiation. They made sure I understood everything, and had the final say. Cirrus worked very efficiently and was easy to get a hold of as well. Overall, I am very pleased I worked with Cirrus and my lease agreement.”

Dr. Ukti Phadnis, DMD, Wethersfield, CT

Embracing Our Business Solutions Partners

My relationship with Dr. Phadnis could not be stronger now. I have gained her respect through my advice and product offerings. She has thanked me too many times to count!

I have embraced most of our Business Solutions partners from Unitas to Doctors Internet to DemandForce to Cirrus, and I have had great success with all of these great partners. Through these relationships and the added value that they bring, I feel I have totally differentiated myself amongst my competitors. In addition to Business Solutions offerings, I am an expert in OSHA, HIPAA and infection control/CDC policies. My doctors come to me for answers. “What makes you different?”, “Why should a doctor buy from you?” Cirrus is one way to make you different/unique. Ask your doctors for a copy of their lease agreement, and have Cirrus make you “SCHEIN”.

– Jeff Trachtenberg, FSC | Wallingford, CT

Henry Schein Dental Business Solutions