Did you know that hidden traps and clauses in your veterinary office lease can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes and rent?

Landlords strive to increase the value of their properties by setting up the lease with language that enables them to raise rents, relocate your practice, prevent you from selling/retiring, or worse. To ensure you’re protected from these and other lease traps, Cirrus offers veterinarians professional office lease negotiation services.

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Veterinary Office Lease Negotiation Strategy and Plan

Our Lease Negotiators will create a tactical plan based on what your ideal lease agreement should include, and decide how to negotiate for it effectively. We’ll discuss the details of your practice with you, your future career plans and your individual practice and leasing requirements. Armed with this knowledge and commercial real estate data, we’ll devise a negotiation strategy that will increase your chances of getting what you need from your upcoming lease negotiation.

From start to finish, our lease negotiators will act as the liaison between you and the landlord or broker, taking care of the entire process from start to finish, so you don’t have to. With over 20 years of experience negotiating healthcare office leases, you’ll feel safe knowing you’re being represented by our superb in-house legal team, commercial real estate research analysts, practice brokers, ex-landlords and the best Lease Negotiators in the industry.

What happens when you sign a bad veterinary office lease?

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