Our Story

Without any real master plan to conquer the world, our business began in 1994 when a group of dentists were struggling for months to work out the renewal of their dental office lease agreement with their landlord. They soon encountered a real estate professional with the expertise and patience to step in and help them out. With their practices and thousands of patients at stake, advocacy and expertise were exactly what they needed to protect their dental practice and its continuity.

The group of dentists were delighted with the results, and word quickly spread about how critical and valuable the help from the real estate professional was with their dental office lease. The phone calls and requests came pouring in from other dentists in the local healthcare community, with office leases quickly approaching their expiration and renewal dates. Within 6 months, over 25 clinics had sought out and used the support and expertise of what was to eventually become Cirrus Consulting Group. Today, Cirrus is one of the most unique and innovative providers of highly specialized professional healthcare consulting and office lease negotiation services for physicians, dentists and veterinarians across North America.

Leases Reviewed
Leases Negotiated
Million Saved in Rent

How Cirrus Helps

Whether you’re a doctor or dentist who is starting/building or opening a practice, buying or selling a practice, relocating, expanding, remodeling your clinic, or planning for retirement/transition, we’re here to help.

Cirrus is passionately devoted to providing office lease negotiation and consulting services for physicians, veterinarians and dentists, to help increase practice success both financially and operationally. We exist to let doctors be doctors, taking on mission-critical business functions, enabling our customers to spend more time delivering quality care to their patients.

What We Do

Improve your clinic’s office lease agreement and help secure fair and affordable terms: Our team of specialized medical, veterinary, and dental office lease negotiators are committed to getting doctors fair and affordable financial terms in their office lease agreements. Our Healthcare Leasing Consultants will review and negotiate your medical, veterinary or dental office lease from start to finish, determined to get you the best economic terms possible.

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The Evolution

The Cirrus team is continuously growing and adapting to meet the rising demands of the fast-paced expanding world of healthcare. From a starting team of two to a passionate team of over fifty, our dental office lease negotiation and practice consulting professionals are dedicated to improving the delivery of care across North America. We’ve built and developed a team of hard-working, innovative, talented Healthcare Consulting and Leasing specialists who truly encompass what Cirrus has come to be; a company devoted to improving the business of healthcare, by supporting the people within it.

Our Team

Our remarkable team is comprised of top authorities from across the board, with extensive in-field experience and a strong passion for the industry. Our in-house talent includes professional leasing consultants, lease negotiators and legal team, real estate analysts, ex-landlords, skilled in-house healthcare analysts, brokers, and highly specialized healthcare consultants. With all of these assets under one roof, we’re able to provide physicians, veterinarians, and dentists flexible support and expertise in healthcare consulting services, and healthcare and dental office lease negotiations.

Why Choose Cirrus

  • Established in 1994, we were founded by doctors, for doctors, bringing 20 years of expertise and knowledge in medical, veterinary, and dental lease negotiations and medical practice management.

  • We’ve successfully negotiated over 10,000 lease agreements across North America.

  • We’ve saved doctors millions of dollars in rent, and continue to do so year after year.

  • We are accredited and recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), RACE, and many other state and provincial associations for dentists and veterinarians for continuing education.

  • In 2011, Cirrus Consulting Group was recognized as part of Profit Magazine’s Top 200 Fastest-Growing Companies.