A well negotiated dental office lease increases a dentist’s flexibility to sell their practice. 

The success of any dental practice depends largely on the decisions made regarding potential for growth and availability of opportunities. Dentists who purchase real estate property to run their practices acquire a great deal more responsibility and increased costs. As property managers now, dentists deal with increased obligations which inadvertently takes away time and concentration from their core business of dentistry, and providing quality patient care. Particularly at time of retirement, dentists who have purchased the property of their dental offices either transition into landlords, or find it extremely difficult to sell their dental practice (which is already an expensive investment) as well as the real estate property to one buyer. In the case of dentists who have leased office space, as long as their dental office lease agreements have been well-negotiated it provides them with increased flexibility to sell their dental practice or transition out of it by transferring the practice to another dentist. To learn more about buying a dental practice, visit our solutions for dentists.

Questions about buying vs. leasing?
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