Dr. Paul W., D.D.S. is a General Dentist who was looking to start a dental practice in Fort Worth, TX. He found himself extremely busy with the growing demands involved in setting up a new dental practice, with little time to worry about negotiating his own dental office lease.

The Problem

The doctor was fully aware that the details in his office lease could make or break his practice, so he wanted to ensure it would be setup properly.

“I understood the importance of a proper retail lease, but on my own, I did not know how to structure
a lease that addressed my concerns.”

– Dr. Paul W., DDS | Fort Worth, TX

The Challenge

Dr. W. reached out to Cirrus Consulting Group to handle the lease negotiations with his landlord. He was looking for the following positive results from the negotiation:

  • “The Best Deal” with fair and affordable financial terms
  •  Flexibility to grow his practice and eventually bring in associates
  • Exclusivity to practice General Dentistry in the building without competition
  • Minimized personal risk and liability
  • Long-term practice protection and security

The Solution

Cirrus completed a thorough review and analysis of Dr. W.’s offer to lease, flagging it for hidden risks while working to understand the doctor’s individual career goals and practice needs. Together they created a plan to effectively negotiate the offer and the lease with the landlord, achieving the following key “wins”:

  • A reduction in rent resulting in a savings of $168,000 over the 10 year lease term.
  • “Exclusivity” provision preventing the landlord from leasing space in the building to a General Dentist, Pediatric Dentist, or Orthodontic.
  • Removal of the landlord’s ability to force the doctor to eliminate constructed alternations and improvements, a savings of $40,000-$80,000 in future costs.
  • Gained the ability to bring in associates without requiring permission from the landlord, which did not exist prior.
  • Addition of assignment clause releasing the doctor from all financial obligations in the event of practice assignment.
  • The landlord will now be excluded from receiving any proceeds in the event of a practice sale.

“My experience with Cirrus Consulting Group was great. They were very tactful, and very professional
with the property owner. They knew exactly how to achieve results, and we were able to negotiate all
important terms. At the end we achieved our goal. I highly recommend Cirrus Consulting Group.”

– Dr. Paul W., DDS | Fort Worth, TX

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