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What to Expect in Your Dental Lease Review

Cirrus will evaluate and analyze your dental office lease for problem areas, identify any hidden risks, and flag critical action dates. Some of the key issues and clauses our experts look for include:

  • Unexpected Practice Relocation: Does your lease permit your landlord to relocate your practice? If so, is it at their expenses, or yours?

  • Lease Termination Rights: Can your landlord terminate your lease agreement, and kick you out of the building at any time?

  • Protection and Security: Is there a Death and Disability clause in your lease in place to protect you and your family/estate, should something unexpected happen, and you’re unable to work?

  • Term and Options: Does your lease have sufficient term and options to renew? If you assign the lease, are these options transferable to a future buyer?

  • Renovations and Improvements: Does your lease permit you to make changes inside your clinic and upgrade the space? Will you have to remove all of those improvements when you exit the practice and sell, costing $100k + in demolition and renovations.

  • Assignment Provisions: Is your landlord entitled to 50-80% of your practice sale proceeds? Can they interfere with your eventual transition?

Creating the Plan and Educating Our Dentists

We have reviewed over 10,000 dental office leases! Based on the issues uncovered in your lease analysis, we’ll create a tactical plan on how your lease should be structured. An expert Leasing Consultant will have a call with you to discuss the details of your practice, future career plans, and your individual lease requirements. We’ll take you through a detailed explanation of our findings of potential risks and problems, arming you with the knowledge to protect yourself in your upcoming lease negotiation with your landlord.

Contact us today for your personalized office lease review with one of our expert consultants by calling 1.800.459.3413!

What Happens When You Sign a Bad Lease?