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Landlords strive to increase the value of their properties by enforcing hidden clauses in the details of your lease agreement that give them many unfair privileges, such as raising rental rates, relocating your clinic, preventing your practice sale from happening, or worse! Cirrus Consulting Group specializes in lease negotiation and review services for healthcare professionals, providing physicians with the guidance and expertise necessary to thrive.

Whether you are starting/opening a medical practice, relocating your clinic, planning for retirement, or simply renewing your lease in the next 36 months, the expert Lease Negotiators at Cirrus can help!

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Did You Know?


85% of physicians across North America have a medical lease that may inhibit them from ever selling their medical practice.


20% of physicians in North America lose their ability to sell their medical practice each year.


75% of physicians have a lease that prevents them from ever getting to the end of their career in their current location, being forced by the landlord to relocate!

Why You Need our Office Lease Negotiation Services

Without a thorough lease review and expert negotiator on your team, you could be critically jeopardizing your investment and putting yourself and your family at risk. Research and a solid lease negotiation strategy are critical to the health and longevity of your practice.

  • Lease Economics: We’ll work hard to get you fair and affordable financial terms with your landlord. Every year we save doctors over $10 million in relocation costs and rent!

  • Minimize Threats:  Our experts will help protect your investment and evade hidden pitfalls in your medical office lease that can cost you big money in mistakes.

  • Stability: Cirrus will help properly set up your lease, paving the road to take you well into the future without landlord intrusion.

  • Maximize Flexibility: Be Proactive; we’ll help enhance your ability to smoothly and profitably transition and retire when you’re ready.

  • Save Time and Money: Avoid the time and stress involved in negotiating your own office lease, and focus on delivering quality patient care.

Cirrus’ Medical Lease Negotiation Process: What to Expect

Our professional Lease Negotiators will conduct a thorough review of your office lease, and evaluate items such as lease economics, significant dates, and any details and risks hidden throughout.

Items that our leasing consultants look for include:

  • Assignment Requirements: Are there any provisions in your lease that affect your ability to sell or transfer your practice down the line? Does your landlord have rights to your practice sale proceeds at transition time?

  • Personal Financial Obligations: Who is guaranteeing your office lease? Is the lease under your name? Who is responsible for paying rent after the selling or transferring has taken place?

  • Protection & Security: If something unexpected should occur, do you have death and disability protection in place if you cannot work, or will your family/estate be left with your financial burdens?

  • Unexpected Relocations: Can your landlord relocate your clinic? If so, how much notice do they need to give you, and who pays for the relocation costs, you or them?

Office Lease Negotiations for Physicians

After a thorough review of your office lease agreement, our negotiators create an action plan based on your goals and the finer details of your clinic, future career plans, and specific leasing requirements. Equipped with this knowledge, our team will work with you to devise a negotiation strategy that will increase your chances of getting what you need from your upcoming lease negotiation.

From start to finish, our negotiators act as the liaison between you and your landlord, managing the entire process from beginning to end, so you don’t have to. You’ll feel at ease knowing you’ve got the support of our expert in-house Lease Negotiators, legal team, commercial real estate research analysts, practice brokers, healthcare consultants, and ex-landlords.

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