Before you sign your dental office lease agreement,
do you know what you’re agreeing to?

Landlords strive to increase the value of their properties by enforcing hidden clauses in the details of your lease agreement that permit them many unfair privileges such as raising rental rates, relocating your practice, preventing your practice sale from happening, or worse.

For 20 years, Cirrus Consulting Group has been offering our clients Dental Office Lease Review and Rent Analysis services. Our lease review arms you with the information and tools essential for any upcoming lease negotiation or discussion with your landlord. We guarantee the lease review will help save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your lease.

Reality Check


85% of dentists across North America have a dental lease that may inhibit them from ever selling their dental practice.


20% of dentists in North America lose their ability to sell their dental practice each year.


75% of dentists have a lease that prevents them from getting to the end of their career in their current location, being forced by the landlord to relocate!

What to Expect in Your Dental Lease Review

Cirrus will evaluate and analyze your dental office lease for problem areas, identify any hidden risks, and flag critical action dates. Some of the key issues and clauses our experts look for include:

  • Unexpected Practice Relocation: Does your office lease give your landlord the right to relocate your practice? If so, is it at your expense, or theirs?

  • Lease Termination Rights: Can your landlord terminate your lease agreement, and kick you out of the building at any time?

  • Protection and Security: Is there a death and disability clause in your lease in place to protect you and your family/estate, should something unexpected happen and you’re unable to work?

  • Term and Options: Does your lease have sufficient term and options to renew?

  • Renovations and Improvements: Does your lease give you the ability to make changes inside your  clinic and upgrade the space? Will you have to remove all of those improvements at some point down the road?

  • Assignment Provisions: Is there anything in your lease that could affect your ability to transfer or sell your dental practice down the line?

Creating the Plan and Educating Our Dentists

Based on the issues uncovered in your lease analysis, we’ll create a tactical plan on how your lease should be structured. An expert Leasing Consultant will have a call with you to discuss the details of your practice, future career plans, and your individual lease requirements. We’ll take you through a detailed explanation of our findings of potential risks and problems, arming you with the knowledge to protect yourself in your upcoming lease negotiation with your landlord.

The Next Steps: Office Lease Negotiation and Tracking Your Dates

In addition to our lease review, Cirrus offers our clients dental office lease negotiation services. With over 100 years of combined experience, our Office Lease Negotiators are here to save you the time, stress and money involved in the lease negotiation process. Our negotiators act as the liaison between you and the landlord, taking care of the entire lease negotiation process from start to finish, so you don’t have to. Learn more about our dental office lease negotiation services.

You’ll feel safe working with Cirrus knowing you’re supported by the expertise of our in-house lease negotiators, legal team, commercial and dental market research analysts, dental practice brokers, and ex-landlords.

Why You Need Cirrus, Now!

  • Minimize Risks:  We’ll help you avoid expensive traps hidden in your dental office lease.

  • Lease Economics:  We’ll work to get you fair and affordable financial terms with your landlord.

  • Maximize Flexibility: We’ll help enhance your ability to eventually sell and/or transition your practice.

  • Protect your Investment:  With so much at stake, we’ll help you avoid costly surprises and long-term stability.

  • Save Time and Money: Avoid the time and headaches involved in negotiating your own lease.

What happens when you sign a bad lease?

Questions? Contact us today for your personalized office lease consultation with one of our expert consultants by calling 1.800.459.3413!