Buying a Practice BUYING A PRACTICE Prior to buying a practice, it's important to have the office lease properly reviewed for risks, and that the ‘Assignment of the Lease’ occurs properly. Learn More > Renewing my lease RENEWING MY LEASE As your practice goals change, so should your lease agreement. Learn how/when to begin preparing for your upcoming renewal to secure the best deal possible. Learn More > Transitioning TRANSITIONING/SELLING Planning to retire/transition your practice in 10 years or less? Learn how the dental office lease can make or break your practice sale. Learn More > Relocating RELOCATING MY PRACTICE Do the terms in your current office lease agreement permit you to relocate without obstacle? Is your new lease free of risks to ensure your investment is protected? Learn More > Building a Practice BUILDING A PRACTICE Don't make the mistake of signing your dental office lease agreement without first reviewing it for $100,000 risks and problem areas. Learn More >

No matter where you are in your dental career, at some point you’ll be faced with having
to negotiate your dental office lease with your landlord.

Important details hidden in your lease can present serious issues that can cost you upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, easily making your dental office lease one of the most significant documents you will ever sign. Our expert Dental Office Lease Negotiators are here for your protection, providing superior dental lease negotiation and analysis services, providing you with the guidance and expertise necessary for the health and long-term security of your dental practice.

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Dental Office Leasing Services

  • Dental Office Lease Review (Critical Dates and Risk Assessment) – Save time and money with our lease review services. Learn more!

  • Dental Office Lease Negotiations – We’ll negotiate your lease agreement, so you don’t have to. Learn more!

  • Standard Form Office Lease Creation – Buying the property for your dental office? Cirrus will create your lease for you.
    Learn more!

  • Dental Practice Acquisition & Lease Assignment Services – Buying or selling a dental practice? We can help. Learn more!

  • Dental Office Lease Date Tracker – Never miss an expiry or renewal date again when you enroll in our complimentary office lease date tracker system. Track your lease expiry dates!

Why You Need Cirrus, Now!

  • Lease Economics: We’ll work hard to get you fair and affordable financial terms with your landlord.
  • Stability: Achieve long-term stability and peace-of-mind.
  • Maximize Flexibility: We’ll help enhance your ability to sell and transition your practice.
  • Save Time & Money: Avoid the time and headaches involved in negotiating your own dental lease!

  • Minimize Risks: We’ll help you protect your investments and avoid expensive traps hidden in your dental office lease that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

What happens if you sign a bad dental office lease or miss your expiry date?

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