Secure Your Smile: Safeguarding Your Dental Practice Profits

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70% of Dentists are victims or know of victims of embezzlement & 80% have a lease that can prevent them from selling their practice.
Get the blueprint to protect your practice against embezzlement and office lease pitfalls. Listen to recent Case Studies where preventable situations became a reality and what you should do today to prevent it from happening to you.
Join us for a captivating session presented by dentistry’s embezzlement expert, David Harris, and Dental Office Lease Negotiation and Real Estate Expert, Eric Pook, as they share recent case studies of some of the challenges dental practice owners are facing today.
Hear real examples of dental practices impacted by:
– Acts of embezzlement
– A high-risk dental office lease
Gain practical tips on:
– Steps that every practice owner can take to protect from embezzlement.
– How to amend the terms of your lease agreement to minimize risk and liability

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