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Attend a complimentary CE webinar for Veterinarians:

Act Now, Reap Later - Preparing for Your Veterinary Office Lease Renewal

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (ET) No course fees.  Earn 1 CE credit!

Smart veterinary office lease negotiations require long-term strategic planning, and a proactive approach. If you leave your lease negotiation until the last minute, you will find yourself at the mercy of your landlord, with little leverage to negotiate favorable terms.

Webinar Topics Covered

  • The dangers of missing your lease renewal or expiry date – lease termination and eviction by the landlord, or your monthly rent, doubling!

  • Why planning a lease negotiation strategy 18-24 months before your expiry/renewal date is the key to getting the best deal possible.

  • Tips on bringing your landlord to the negotiation table.

  • Landlord diversions – how they use rent as a diversionary tactic to prevent you from dealing with key issues hidden in the lease.

  • How to review and analyze language in the lease to identify business-shattering clauses that can impact your flexibility for a renewal, and hinder your long-term plans.

Continuing Education in Animal Health

Cirrus Consulting Group is a nationally approved RACE provider. Click to verify. Veterinarians participating in Cirrus seminars and webinars are eligible to earn CE credits that are recognized  by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.

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What happens when you sign a bad lease?

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