Looking for help negotiating/renegotiating your medical office lease? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether starting a medical practice, planning for physician retirement, relocating your clinic, or simply renewing your healthcare office lease, the expert medical lease negotiators and healthcare consultants at Cirrus can help!

Hidden risks and clauses in your lease can be detrimental to the health and long-term flexibility of your practice and career goals. We specialize in lease negotiations and analysis, providing you with the guidance and expertise necessary to protect you and your practice.

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Our Medical Office Leasing Services

Critical Dates and Risk Assessement, a.k.a. Lease Review Services

Cirrus Consulting Group offers any physician entering a lease negotiation or discussion with their landlord the Critical Dates and Risk Assessment (CDRA), a.k.a. Healthcare Lease Review. This important review process involves flagging critical dates, and uncovering hidden risks in your lease agreement. Learn more about our lease review services, now.

Medical Office Lease Negotiations

Our expert Lease Negotiators will review and negotiate your lease for you, acting as the liaison between you and the landlord. Our specialists will ensure the whole negotiation process is handled for you from start to finish, keeping your protection and best-interest in mind. Learn more about our medical lease negotiation services, now.

Complimentary Office Lease Date Tracker

No matter where you are in your career as a physician, one day your lease will expire or hit its renewal date and you’ll have to renegotiate the terms in your lease with your landlord. Give yourself ample time to negotiate a good deal by enrolling in our lease date tracking system. Track your critical dates, now!

Important Items to Consider in Your Medical Office Lease

  • Clinic Renovations & Improvements: Does your medical lease allow you to make changes inside your office, and upgrade the space? Will you have to remove all the improvements at some point down the road?

  • Practice Relocation: Does your lease give your landlord the right to relocate your clinic as they see fit? If so, is it at your expense, or theirs?

  • Protection & Security: Is there a death & disability clause in your lease that protects you and your estate if something unexpected happens?

  • Termination: Does the landlord have the right to terminate your lease, forcing you to leave the building?

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