Dan Pisek, FCMWhether starting a new dental  practice, transitioning a purchased practice, boosting an existing practice or getting a practice ready for sale, there are many things to address to realize the big picture success that you desire; the right financial, operating and marketing systems are all keys to your success.

More dentists are realizing that effective dental office branding is a key component to their success when getting started with a new office, growing their existing practices or getting their practices ready to deliver a larger sale price when it comes time to retire.  Having the right dental brand identity is a valuable asset and it should be managed well.

Key Considerations to Effective Dental Branding

1) Your name

Using your only your name to identify your practice does not provide potential new patients any information about what you are as a practice, where you are located, the type of dentistry you provide or anything about the patient experience that they can expect. Keeping last names out of the practice name will position you better for growth, especially when hiring associates.  Patients who make an appointment to see one of the dentists at your practice won’t feel short-changed if they aren’t seeing the dentist whose name is on the door.

2) Your logo

Your practice name and the design of your logo say a great deal about your healthcare philosophy and the type of clientele that you wish to attract.  It is a competitive game out there and most consumers today want to work with a modern, progressive-minded, and inviting dental practice.

3) Your website

Every day people leverage the internet to research their buying decisions.  Have a distinct website that stands out from your competitors’ and connects your practice with your specific target new patient demographic.

With a strong brand in place online, you have a head start with your dental marketing plan.  Leverage the equity that you have established with your brand to move your practice forward.  Along with direct marketing, look for opportunities to team your brand with other like-minded brands in the community. A strong brand identity strategy will position your practice as a leader, and help you achieve the success you desire.

Author: Dan Pisek, President and Practice Marketing Coach, Full Contact Marketing

As practice marketing experts, Full Contact Marketing understands that every practice is unique.  They work closely with their clients to develop customized marketing systems to fit immediate and bigger picture practice goals and objectives.  Whether it’s starting a new practice, transitioning, increasing revenue or preparing for a sale, FCM takes the lead to help practices achieve desired success.

To learn more about FCM custom marketing solutions for the dental practice, visit www.fullcontactmarketing.ca or call 1-800-728-6651.

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