Jose Laurel“I can now provide better value and advice to my accounts, and speak knowledgeably about the importance of securing a good office lease.”
– Jose Laurel, FSC

Henry Schein West Palm

Supporting Success

I’ve been working in the dental industry since 1998 and have been back with Henry Schein Dental for just over a year. Working at other companies really helped me appreciate the support and continued training we receive at Henry Schein.

I love being an FSC, building relationships with my accounts and providing them with information on services and business solutions that will help them reach their goals. I’m able to aid in resolving daily issues with the help of my team and our talented roster of business solutions partners.

Impactful Business Partners

Cirrus Consulting Group, a company dedicated to dental office lease negotiations for dentists, is a great addition to my portfolio of exclusive business solutions partners. Cirrus has the ability to really make a positive difference in the lives of my clients, whether they are starting a new practice, renewing their lease, expanding, or relocating.

Since May of last year I have put a couple of my doctors in touch with Cirrus to aid in their dental office lease negotiations. Through this process, I’ve had the ability to learn more about commercial real estate and now have a better understanding of the nuances and risks in the lease. I can now provide better value and advice to my accounts, and speak knowledgeably about the importance of securing a good office lease.

Jose Laurel, FSC

West Palm, FL

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