Joelle Craig, TM, HSAH“Cirrus has truly aided in helping avoid costly mistakes that can prevent doctors from achieving their long term goals.”

 – Joelle Craig, TM | St. Augustine, FL

I have worked with Henry Schein Animal Health for almost 2 years now, covering the Northeast territory of Florida. I truly love what I do and I’m just where I want to be. I think I’ve found the career path that will take me far.

Adding Value as a True Business Partner

I love the consulting aspect of my job as I get to work closely with my customers and help them succeed. At the end of the day, I feel like I’ve helped my customers with not only their equipment needs, but in every aspect of their veterinary business, full circle. Cirrus Consulting Group, and their office lease negotiation and real estate consulting services are a huge factor in supporting my customers’ success. With them on board, I am able to provide added value, and am perceived as a true business partner and not just a sales rep.

Veterinary Tenants are Unique Tenants

Since Cirrus became an exclusive partner with HSAH, I have referred three veterinary clients to them for help with their upcoming lease negotiation, urging them to take advantage of the complimentary lease review Cirrus offers to HSAH customers.

All three accounts were startups, and all three were overwhelmed with the process of opening a clinic, choosing a location, negotiating the lease, etc., with little knowledge about the negative impact a bad lease agreement can have on the success and longevity of a veterinary hospital.

Uncovering Risks in the Lease

I feel it’s important that my clients trust me and tell me everything, so it’s crucial for me to be totally transparent and help them as best as I can. After all three lease review phone calls with Cirrus, I received huge “thank-yous” from all of them for the referral. Cirrus are the experts on the needs of a veterinary tenant and their lease agreement. They uncover risks in the lease such as the landlord’s right to relocate the clinic, reap practice sale proceeds, or their ability to double the monthly rent should they miss their expiry date.

My client, Dr. Raymond N. is a perfect example. Dr. N. was starting a practice and initially came to me for equipment needs prior to opening his clinic. In fact, he hadn’t even secured a location yet, but looked at three different properties with his real estate broker that fell through when the time came to negotiate the lease agreement. I knew it would be beneficial to refer Dr. N. to Cirrus for the lease review and negotiate work. Their first call was mostly discovery and an assessment of the doctor’s clinic goals. Two months later, Dr. N. found the ideal veterinary space, and signed off on a worry-free, well-negotiated lease agreement with the help of Cirrus.

“Within two months, Cirrus was able to secure the new lease on our hospital with excellent amendments that will ensure my practice runs smoothly, and that I will be able to transition and sell the practice in the future. They secured changes to the assignment clause, the relocation clause, added in a death and disability clause, amended the additional rental rates, limited our personal guarantees, and added exclusivity protection for our veterinary hospital in the center.”

 – Dr. Raymond N., DVM

Jacksonville, FL

Securing a strong lease agreement is a critical first step for any successful veterinarian; I know this now. I’m glad HSAH has a business solutions partner like Cirrus that helps us provide added value and facilitates long-term success to our customers. It’s a no brainer to refer my customers to Cirrus; they help open the door to full-circle business solutions.

 – Joelle Craig, TM

St. Augustine, FL